RefleX - A New Regional Service from RTA, DDOT, and SMART
What is RefleX?

RefleX is a new Limited-Stop service operating on Woodward Ave. and Gratiot Ave. RefleX buses cross city and county boundaries all day – no more forced transfers at 8 Mile Road, and no boarding restrictions at RefleX stops – while offering late-night and mid-day service not currently available on the whole length of these corridors.

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Reliable Service 7 Days a Week

Buses run every 45-60 minutes on weekdays and weekends, offering early morning and late night service.

Fewer Stops for Faster & More Direct Service

RefleX only serves select stations, shown on the map below. Limited stops and a conveniently-located downtown station separate from other buses make RefleX faster and more direct than current bus service.

Added Service, Not Replacement Service

SMART and DDOT buses will continue to operate as they do today – RefleX is added service, not replacement service.

Same Fares as DDOT or SMART Buses

Fares are the the same as they are today, $1.50 base fare for the DDOT-operated Woodward RefleX, $2.00 base fare for the SMART-operated Gratiot Route. See “Fare Information” on this page to learn how to use Regional and Regional Plus passes on RefleX.

  • All DDOT reduced fares remain in effect on the Woodward RefleX.
  • All SMART reduced fares remain in effect on the Gratiot RefleX.

Download the Service Brochure PDF for more information on fares.

*NOTE: Route 498 buses do not issue “change cards” for customers who do not pay exact fare. DDOT buses are not programmed to do so.

A Regional Partnership Between Transit Agencies

RefleX is built on a strong partnership between the RTA, DDOT, and SMART. DDOT operates the Woodward service. SMART operates the Gratiot service. RTA secured funding and helps to coordinate the service. Look for the distinctly-branded RefleX buses and stations starting in early September.

Service Updates

***REFLEX ROUTE 498***

Temporary Detour 8/19

Woodward Dream Cruise

More Information

Route 498 - Woodward RefleX

Service to Troy (Somerset Mall), Birmingham, Royal Oak, Ferndale, Wayne State, Detroit Medical Center, Downtown Detroit. Buses run every 45-60 minutes.

LIMITED STOPS: Route 498 ONLY serves the stops shown on the map below.

Route 598/599 - Gratiot RefleX

Service to Mt. Clemens, Roseville, Eastpointe, Eastern Market, and Downtown Detroit. Weekday rush-hour service to Midtown Detroit, Wayne State, and the Detroit Medical Center. Buses run every 45-60 minutes.

LIMITED STOPS: Route 598/599 ONLY serves the stops shown on the map below.

Fare Information

Fares for the DDOT-operated Woodward RefleX follow the DDOT fare structure, and fares for the SMART-operated Gratiot RefleX follow the SMART fare structure. This is a temporary solution while DDOT, RTA, and SMART work on a coordinated fare structure.

Regional Pass holders can use Woodward RefleX at no additional charge, but must pay $0.50 when boarding Gratiot RefleX. Regional Plus pass holders can use both Gratiot and Woodward RefleX at no additional charge.

Route 498 - Woodward RefleX

With Regional Passno charge
Student with DDOT ID$0.75

*All DDOT 5-day passes, Weekly/Biweekly/Monthly GoPasses, and Value Cards are accepted on Route 498 ONLY.

Route 498 buses do not issue “change cards” to customers that do not pay exact fare, and do not accept SMART-issued change cards.

Route 598/599 - Gratiot RefleX

With DDOT-Issued Transfer$0.50
With Regional Pass$0.50
With Regional Plus Passno charge

*All SMART 31-day passes and Value Passes are accepted on Route 598 and 599 ONLY.