Improving Regional Transit in Southeast Michigan

The RTA has a broad responsibility to coordinate and improve transit service in Macomb, Oakland, Wayne, and Washtenaw Counties. We work toward this goal by taking the lead on key projects, while also supporting our transit agency partners in their own coordination efforts.

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Current Projects

Regional Fare Card

RTA is leading a joint effort across transit agencies to develop a universal regional fare system, with one unified way for customers to pay for a trip on any service.

Phase II Concept of Operations study will be completed by mid-2018.

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One-Click/One-Call Service

RTA is working with AAATA, Area Agency on Aging 1-B, and Detroit Area Agency on Aging to establish a single point of contact for seniors and disabled persons seeking transportation.

Coordinated Mobility Plan

RTA, with funding from MDOT, is beginning a Coordinated Mobility Plan to study a number of specific but overlapping transportation needs, such as senior/disabled transportation, non-emergency medical transportation, workforce transportation, and others.

This plan will serve as a coordinating framework across counties and transit agencies, while supporting development of more detailed local plans.

Mobility-Oriented Development

Station-area planning study focused on proposed Woodward Avenue Bus Rapid Transit and Ann Arbor-Detroit Commuter Rail stations. Funded with an FTA Transit-Oriented Development grant.

This study will show how rapid transit stations can be seamlessly connected to adjacent communities and neighborhoods through strategic redevelopment and local infrastructure improvements that are appropriate to the station’s surroundings.

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Transit Coordination

Regional Transit Dashboard

Through the Providers Advisory Council, the region’s transit agencies voluntarily track key performance metrics and report the information on a quarterly basis.

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Transit Providers Advisory Council

Representatives from each transit agency meet on a regular basis to discuss key coordination efforts and other projects. Ad-hoc working groups of agency staff occur frequently to develop projects, even when the Providers Advisory Council does not meet.

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PAC Meeting Schedule

State and Federal Funding

The RTA is the Designated Recipient for all federal formula funds awarded to the Detroit and Ann Arbor Urbanized Areas.

It is also the only agency in Southeast Michigan authorized to apply for state Local Bus Operating funds.

All state and federal formula funding awarded to the region’s transit providers flows through the RTA.

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2016 Master Plan

Regional Master Transit Plan

The RTA unveiled its first Regional Master Transit Plan on May 31, 2016. The plan continues to provide a policy framework for coordinated transit service improvements. Many of the projects discussed elsewhere on this page are included in the plan, or are closely related to proposed transit improvements in the plan.

Rapid Transit Corridor Plans

A key component of the 2016 Master Plan was a network of rapid transit corridors connecting across the four-county RTA region. These high-capacity transit projects are intended to be the backbone of the region’s existing and future public transit services.

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