About RTA Committees

The RTA consists of a Board of Directors and a number of committees dealing with day-to-day aspects of the RTA’s operations. Each of these committees are identified in the RTA’s enabling law, PA 387 of 2012. Board members sit on these committees and review proposed actions and staff recommendations prior to Board discussion and approval.

In addition to these committees, the RTA facilitates two independent advisory groups, the Citizens Advisory Committee and the Providers Advisory Committee.

The purpose and membership of each committee is described below. Click the button to the right for meeting schedules, agendas, minutes, and other documents.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the 10-member body that makes final decisions about the RTA’s operations. Most actions that the RTA takes require a board vote, sometimes resulting in an official resolution. The Board also represents each of the RTA’s five Member Jurisdictions.

Eight board members, appointed by County Executives or County Commission chairs, represent the four RTA counties: Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw, and Wayne. Each county appoints two board members.The Mayor of Detroit appoints one board member. The Governor of Michigan appoints a non-voting board chair. Board members serve for three-year terms.

Who is on the RTA Board of Directors?

Independent Advisory Committees
Providers Advisory Committee

The Providers Advisory Committee is made up of representatives from the region’s public transit service providers. It is a collaborative group that discusses coordinated projects and initiatives, and provides a monthly opportunity for transit agencies and the RTA to share information.

Providers Advisory Committee page

Citizens Advisory Committee

The Citizens Advisory Committee has a wide range of advisory roles. The committee must be comprised of a certain number of persons from each Member Jurisdiction and who represent important segments of the transit-user population. The composition and purpose of the CAC is written in the RTA’s enabling law, PA 387 of 2012.

Citizens Advisory Committee page

RTA Committees
Executive and Policy Committee

The Executive and Policy Committee’s authority derives from the authority of the board. The committee has significant power to perform the board’s work through regular Executive and Policy Committee meetings. The Executive Committee provides a mechanism for board members to engage, within the limits set by board policy and the bylaws, in decision making, oversight, and communication on important organizational matters.

Committee Members:
Paul Hillegonds (Chair), Freman Hendrix (Detroit), June Lee (Wayne), Elisabeth Gerber (Washtenaw), Tim Soave (Oakland), Don Morandini (Macomb)

Finance and Budget Committee

The Finance and Budget Committee is a standing committee composed of members of the Board, charged with advising the Board of Directors concerning the financial affairs of the Authority. The Finance and Budget Committee recommends an annual budget and an outside auditor to the Board of Directors, recommends financial and other policies, assesses the financial impact of all policies and activities on the association, monitors the Association’s investments, and undertakes other appropriate projects as requested.

Committee Members:
Tim Soave (Oakland), Chair
Freman Hendrix (Detroit), June Lee (Wayne), Alma Smith (Washtenaw), John Swatosh (Macomb)

Funding Allocation Committee

The Funding Allocation Committee is comprised of one member from each of the RTA’s five Member Jurisdictions. It reviews and recommends for Board approval the allocation of federal transit funding and state operating grants to public transportation providers within the RTA region. It is also responsible for approving amendments or funding allocation changes within the RTA Regional Master Transit Plan. Any FAC decision requires a unanimous vote of all five members.

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Committee Members:

Freman Hendrix, Chair (Detroit)

Elisabeth Gerber (Washtenaw), Rob Luce (Wayne), Tim Soave (Oakland), John Swatosh (Macomb)

Planning & Service Coordination Committee

The Planning and Service Coordination Committee seeks to develop, recommend, and advise the Board on transit issues.  The committee will study, pursue, and encourage public and private funding for future transit-related projects to support the development and  implementation of the Regional Transit Plan, coordinate transit service among communities and among service providers, review and comment on federal and/or state funded transit applications, and review existing and future transit projects.

Committee Members:
Don Morandini, Chair (Macomb)
Freman Hendrix (Detroit), Rob Luce (Wayne), Chuck Moss (Oakland), Alma Smith (Washtenaw)